Christmas within 19 minutes

Now my hair is razor short again, neatly cut. I like short hair, it feels so good. I should have bought new clothes also, but didn’t find any. So I will continue looking like shit. I have no black pants that fit me. Really don’t. I have overgrown parts of my pant collections. I need office pants, I have none that fit really. So I continue looking bohemian chic, I have no other clothes that fit. The stores don’t have anything either. I rather have my clothes made, but I’m not in Thailand, so that isn’t possible. I also hate buying clothes there, since they don’t wash the cloth there, that makes the clothes shrink. I want the cloth to be washed before they make i.e. a piece of clothing of it. I haven’t bought much for Christmas. I really think a KENT t-shirt and a book is enough for my partner. The kid… gets a few books, some clothes. I am pretty sure my partner has bought enough, so I came up with the idea to not buy much at all. Not for my parents, nor my sibling. Just small stuff really. I know. I think I am tired of Christmas gifts. I have overgrown them. I am gonna give five packages to five beggars though. I do it yearly. This time they get pasta, vegetables and fruit and Julmust 1,litre (a Christmas soda typical for Sweden).

Well. I am on Christmas strike. The house looks like shit, but since no one is coming over i don’t care it looks like shit. I ain’t doing shit. I’ve been doing it for 22 years, it’s time the rest of the family took responsiblity. I just cannot. So I am on strike. I do nothing. It feels better that way. I am trying to conserve energy. I have a report to write. Books to read. Problem: Don’t have the books. Hmm… And another home exam due in January. I have enough. Trying to gather energy for those to do’s.


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