Imagine me being blocked by artist on Instagram and Twitter

Oh shit, my marketing of a non drug environment was too much for one artist is my guess, since he now has blocked me on both Instagram and Twitter. Twice on Instagram. Interesting.

This was the comment that I guess was one to many:

“@aristname1 @artistsname2 Artistname1 is clouded thinking a is cool, they r smoked toasted roasted sick cancer factories creating poison environ.”

That was my comment to @Artistname1 thinking that @Artistname2 was cool. I just couldn’t let him do that, since @Artistname2’s Twitter account had images of a smoker polluting smokes online. A bad uncool role model. Of course that deserved my comment. I think it is sad they cannot handle critic towards drugs. Very strange way to block someone that gives critic towards smoking.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have artists that promote drugs? I am thinking they are given to much attention in social media. Smoking is bad for health, bad for the environment. They are helping passive smokers like us non smokers to get killed in sickness, because of their own egoistic agenda to smoke. I think this is so sad. I want more to join this fight for a non smoking world. Help me fight this cyber war against drugs in social media, please.

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