Wierd mails

My employer sends strange emails. We are not entertainers, but still they ask us what our talent is. Are they trying to make people do “funny” applications? Trying to make our jobs similar to “entertainment”? I don’t know. Either they are making fun of the similarities or they really, really want real entertainers? They haven’t really explained what they are trying to do. Or why they sent this to us already employed. I won’t even bother to reply. I am no fucking entertainer, even though teaching could be considered similar in some ways. But I am just a grey boring person trying to get by. Not gonna even bother to reply. Strange mail. Just thinking, what are they doing at the office? I haven’t worked since October. I haven’t been to gatherings either. I have been too busy. No shit. Try to be a student over 200% u 2 and u’ll understand.


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