I just happened to read about journalist VISA’s to the US. Seems pretty easy to get, if you do fill out all the forms. That seemed more impossible than fullfilling the reasons for VISA. You could be a media analyst, that is actually my degree. Interesting. I also have press card. If you are press they give out 100 of those VISA’s a year in the US it seems. It wouldn’t be that difficult to fullfill those requirements, that you needed to fullfill, but I still wouldn’t go there to live. Never ever. Just saying. Tourist? I don’t think I ever will go there. I have no buisness there. I don’t really know anyone in the US. That is not true, since I have worked with Americans, that live in Boston. My sibling is married to a person with a lot of relatives in the US… hmm… My friends sister also lives there. Hmm… My grandfathers relatives live there. I think those one generation older than him emigrated there. They live in Michigan and Florida. My grandmother has meet them, but I never have. I don’t even know their names. And they are to far away for me to really have any relative feelings for them. I mean, they are not even cousins to me? Perhaps to my grandfather? That means their grandkids are even two generations further away. 3rd generation… I mean, I don’t even consider them relatives anymore. Hehe. I mean, maybe we are not even biologically related in any way so many generations away… we inherited different genes? Haha. I am hilarious. No, I don’t know anyone myself that lives in the USA. Actually I know noone and I don’t think I ever will. I know one American, but that one lives in Sweden and has lived here for a long time. I don’t consider I really know my kids friends parent, that is American. Yes, I talked, but no I don’t know that person. My partner perhaps thinks it does, since they been talking more than I have… been to the same party and so on. I rather not associate. Hmm, I perhaps will know one more, that lives in my view, my neighbour. Oh. When I was younger I was thinking of going there to study or work for a year. I didn’t. I almost did. I was accepted, had done it all, but then I said no. I have meet Americans, but I don’t remember their names anymore. I lived with a couple of American girls in my youth for a couple of weeks, during a trip. I also meet a lot of Americans at the Rein Main Base in Frankfurt. But that was decades ago and I didn’t bother to even remember their names. Those where not people I hung around. I just lived at the army base with them during my stay.  I always thought it was difficult to get green card to be able to work in the US, but looking it up made me realise it has been possible for me to go there for a long, long time. I just didn’t know. I haven’t thought of myself as in media, since I actually never got a job in that area after the education. Had to study more. Studied IT, ended up there instead. Didn’t want to work there anymore. Reeducated myself. Still am. Long way around… the study field…


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