Oh… this one lecturer…

I have to work so hard for those 1,5credits at the university. I don’t know how much work I have put in those credits. I don’t think this teacher likes my way of handling stuff and answering things. I always get, “you should have…”. So now I have to add more stuff, again. I will address that, at some point and hand it in once more. *Sigh*

However the other thing, one of my current classes, I got a awsome reply it had passed and that I write really funny. The professor uses the word “roligt” in Swedish. I guess that is a good thing. Oh well, it is passed on two exams. Well. Feels great to have done those two tasks. Then I had one to hand in on Monday, but didn’t realise it was my credits in that one, so I asked to please redo them more in essay form… hilarious I didn’t understand it was our home exam. Haha. Well. I wasn’t asked to redo them, but I wanted to. I will do that. I also have a home exam with 3 questions. I feel up over my head with stuff right now. But I will do them, one by one. Then I have to plan my classes for next week. Oh mine. I still haven’t handed in my other work, due one month ago… but I was thinking… since I was already to late I can continue being late on that one… no hurry. I might have missed something for next next week. It feels like it. But I don’t know what I have missed. Shit. 5 classes parallell…. hehe. A lot to keep in my mind, but I am trying to write them down. Otherwise, they are gone.

I planned four classes with one of my tutors and after the vacation I had forgotten what I was supposed to teach. I had to ask. My tutor also forgot. But then I remembered the first 2 classes and my tutor then remembered the two second classes. This can happen, if you don’t write things down, which none of us did…. and you have to much stuff in your mind. I usually write down everything, but I didn’t have pen and paper at that point and I simply forgot to do it later…


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