Today my kid got to go to school with me, to the college/university where I am a student. The kid was a good kid. It had three options. Drawing pad and crayons, Android tablet and mobile phone to play with. The kid chose the manual drawing pad and crayons. Good kid. In every sense. I didn’t affect it, it wanted to draw. It sat and draw during my classes. The other students didn’t think my kid bothered them. Thankful that Sweden has a good view on kids at work, school and such. Usually it is no problem. I could have brought it to my high school as well. One of the colleagues has had its kid with them to school. This is the second time during the fall that I had to bring the kid to my studies.

Well, tomorrow the school has said they are open. Traffic today was fine. No delays really. Bad roads, but having a SUV that hasn’t been an issue.

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