Calls you’ve got to make

Sometimes we have to do the right thing, even though it is not the easy thing to do. I made a phone call to my friends partner. My friend that died. I know the partner is in mourning and everything hurts right now. But I needed to say I am there, no matter when or why. It was a sad talk and I tried to give positive aspects of their life together. I also said that it could call if it lacked anything. I could ask my mum to bring food, if it didn’t have energy. I have all my hometown friends and family in my hometown and my partners parent doesn’t live far away that can help, if needed. If the person needs help, its family and all the friends can help out. I can fix a lot from here, it only has to ask. I also said that I knew about the things that the state has for kids that are part orphans. My partner is part orphan and has had that during its upbringing. Money from the state, as if the parent was divorced. The state pays the money instead. I said, when it is ready I can help it to know all those things. I know a lot. I also know how to find out things. It isn’t that difficult. Well, now it knows we are here, if it needs it. It must be hard, having two small kids, a job and be in mourning. It asked me how to continue living. I said it will continue to breath, even though it hurts. It has to eat. It has two wonderful children to take care of. It cannot be easy going through all those things at such a young age, the person is an approximately a decade younger than me. Even though the persons partner is dead life still goes on. The person said it rather had been divorced than its partner died away. I can understand that, then you still can enjoy and meet that person, but when a person dies you cannot meet them in this life anymore. We all walk that path.

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