Sad tears

Our friend died. Our friend couldn’t take the fight. God takes those he loves the most to early in life sometimes. Maybe God needed our friend for something else? Our friend left a partner and two young children behind. I am glad I wrote a poem, before it was to late. I am glad our friend got to meet our kid. At least they have meet. I am sad our friend died. Our friend was a healthy person, always good at everything. Always the best. Then one day our friend got sick. Our friend fought it as just our friend could. My partner said that the partner said it felt like our friend had given up now. When you loose hope, you often loose the fight. That is why you’ve always got to have hope. I loved my friend. I will miss talking to our friend. A friend that left so much joy and love around, where ever it went. I only have good things to say about our friend. Only good things. I will miss our friend. The world lost a good person. A good soul. I feel for my friends family. I am gonna be here for them, if they need me too.


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