Is someone making a joke?

lovelifeSometimes I wonder. If I Iog in to Arbetsförmedlingen there is a very strange job ad. I know the person in charge of the organisation. I worked in the premisis for a couple of months for another company in the same premisis. That organisation works with something. That person was married to a really rich man, a olighark we could say, someone that is so rich that you cannot even understand. However the person was divorced but had children with the person. Anyway. My idea for a thesis came there. I did my thesis and gave it to the organisation the person was responsible for. This person has met me during those months. Is from the same country of origin as me. Doesn’t value money as important. They are looking for someone with my education. I don’t know. It feels wierd…They work with things that I think are important. Talk about making me feel strange… it would be a perfect job… I wouldn’t need references. I got the competence. I am on the same page… but I am a chicken. Jag är en fegis. I don’t dare to apply… even though I might want to. I don’t know. Right now I wish I had balls.

(20180513) Ps. I did have balls, but didn’t get the job. I guess they didn’t think I was good enough to work with marketing, just as all other employers I have applied for jobs at. Ds.

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