The kids are learning to play the violin next semester. They can rent one from school for 600 SEK/semester or… buy one around 1400SEK. We chose to rent one for the kid, since the kids grow in this age. Right now the kid has half size, what ever that means? I have no idea. My mother can play the violin and the flute. My partner can play the flute. I play no instruments. My mother couldn’t afford to buy any, so I could never go to Kulturskolan and learn, I had nowhere to practise. They tried to teach us to play the guitar at the school I work at. I could play the accords back then, but I don’t remember even one… I cannot play. I owned a guitar. I threw it way, it was a bad guitar, that I once found in the trash when I was a kid. Well. The kids in this school my kid attends learn to play the piano, flute, guitar and violin. They also learn a lot of handicraft, that other schools don’t teach children. The elite within culture choose these private schools. We have these schools in my hometown too. A poor family might have issues renting for 600 SEK per semester…

Winter is coming and our kid has grown. We needed to buy a winter jacket, water proof gloves and hat. So we have bought that to the kid. The glows cost more than the winter jacket… 20000 i water proofness. I would never have gotten these things as a kid. My mum had to buy used items. I didn’t get to play music. I didn’t get the best clothes. But I did sing in a church chorus for children, so I got music that way. The church gave us money for each time we came to sing, but we got the money in the end of each semester. My kid lives a totally other life than me. It has everything material. I didn’t. It has everything cultural and sporty too. A cultural school. A sporty parent that does everything sporty. The kid gets to go on skiing trips to the Swedish mountains.  It has free health care and dentistry and free medicines. We didn’t even have that. Well… my stepfather worked in a medical factory… so we did have free medicine…. hehe. C-vitamine, Alvedon and such.


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