You must medicate!

It is very fun to hear that you have a permanent inflammation ongoing in the lungs and need to medicate everyday… The doctor sat down and explained that I have asthma, not just allergies. I knew I had that at times, but didn’t think I had it all day, everyday, all the time. But obviously I do. I have just gotten used to not having good condition I thought. But my doctor said it wouldn’t matter how good condition I had, I won’t be able to breathe better without medication anyway. Jaha. I guess I have to do what the doctor tells me to do. I got a medicine that I have to use everyday. No one has really bothered to measure my capacity of the lungs before… not that way anyways, connected to the machine. Well, now I know. I also know I have become allergic to one more thing and actually I am not allergic to birch, hazel nut and soy anymore. Thanks for that. But I wasn’t allowed to test the foods anyway… I first have to medicate my asthma and then, under controlled form I will be allowed to test eating those. But first medicate for a few months… then try out the stuff I used to be allergic to. If I wasn’t allergic to all the things I am they could give me relief from all my allergies… I am allergic to something and therefore they cannot treat my other allergies. Feels shitty. Fuck, life isn’t fair. One has to have an environment free from all the allergies during treatment. I would still have allergens in my surroundings, but I am willing to take the chance, but the doctor isn’t. My doctor said I was a risk, having not medicated my asthma, at any time I could have a anaphylactic chock, if exposed to many allergens at once… that was why I needed to start treating my asthma everyday, then my allergies wouldn’t be so severe either. I guess this is perhaps one of many reasons I am so very tired all the time, I really cannot breathe proper. Well, but I feel fine, most of the time I feel fine… but I am awfully tired. So, now I know that I have asthma all day, everyday… hmmm…


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