Wild and free – poem

I am unvincible
I am just a number
nothing for you to see
let me be
I don’t want control
I want to be let be
I am me, that is someone wild and free,
stop using me,
don’t you see what you are doing to me?
let me be
I am not your amusement, don’t you see,
I am wild and free,
I am not there for anyone
but me
I am me, me, me,
don’t you see?
You cannot see, since you are still not wild and free,
you try to control,
let it go,
let me go,
I am me,
not your amusement, don’t you see?
Let me now be,
I don’t comply to rules and regulations,
I break them down,
I change them,
afterall I am wild and free,
whilst you are not,
trying to control me,
to bully me around,
you have learned nothing,
you don’t see nothing,
you are blinde,
you must understand,
once you let go,
then you can search for yourself,
stop using me,
I am not your toy,
I am me,
wild and free, only for me,
not for anyone else you see,
leave me be,
stop using me,you have no control over me,
so let me be,
you can never be free, as long as you try to hold on to me,
let me be,
I am not for you, that is real true,
go away,
you think you know,
but you are deaf, blinde and stupid,
so you will not be free, if you don’t let go,
this life is for real, it is not a show,
life is real,
so now you will just f*ck off,
die and let go!

Written by Livingforum.wordpress.com. Copyright belongs to me, so fuck off, you see.



Published by: humane living

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