Ignorant academics

The latest seminar was a big disappointment. The academics, with most likely academic family traditions, showed their lack of knowledge and insight in working class people. They said that a working class parent didn’t think their kids needed to get an academic degree and that upper classes, with academic background, were expected to get one and that having a low status job wasn’t really possible from the families perspective.

My only thing to say about such is that it is prejudice, it is plain horse shit, bullshit or what you like to call false facts. I know working class parents that would like their kid to follow their dreams, no matter what they are. If they want to study, they most likely would let them. I know upper class kids that work in low-income, low status jobs.

But if these people, that said these things in my class, is the world view, then there is a problem in acceptance. “How am I supposed to treat the working class in….” was one of the questions. I said that everybody should be treated equal. No favoring of “higher classes” is my solid opinion. Same chance and same possibilities to each one. But then again the discrimination starts after the education is done, if my experience today wouldn’t  classify as discrimination, because I felt very much discriminated, being a working class person in midst of all people from academic family traditions. However they have contacts and can get the jobs, whilst I haven’t. They discriminate already in thought and ideas. That was what I learned today, being a spokesperson for the working class today somehow.

Full of bullshit about immigrants too. Full of shit. The talk was about working class immigrated parents expectations on their kids. Full of shit. Full of shit.

Idiot academics, there are to little working class speaking up about the bullshit going on in the academic world. They are indeed full of bullshit prejudice. I haven’t explained the whole scenario, just parts. But I hope you understand what working class people have to hear before the ears fall off.


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