All red flags on in Sweden

I read an article in DN and in that article they wrote that a group of 100 people had decided to attack immigrant kids (teenagers, most likely). They had planned to target the onces hanging around the Central station and Sergels torg in Stockholm.

I think there is a red flag in all this. It is as if they have degraded the immigrated youths to something not worth consideration, individuality, care and emphaty. They just group them together, like ethnic cleansing in countries of war has done in the past. We can say Hitler did it. He grouped ethnic backgrounds togheter, that he thought shouldn’t be out in society. Some where made slaves and others where killed.

The 100 people where acting like a mob. Their goal, according to the newspaper DN, was to target and attack the lonely immigrant children, that come to Sweden alone, without family. Many are from Afghanistan.

According to Aftonbladet a young 16 year old man was attacked by masked mob.

According to SVD the refugees are around 300 that hang around Central Station and Sergels torg. They are mainly from Afghanistan and Marocco. They don’t report if someone does something to the them.

Obviously these men have a lot of hate towards these immigrants. I believe media coverage is part of all this. They have written about how these youngsters in group homes have attacked and hurt or killed each other and as well killed staff. Media has also written about the molestations of female Swedish residents by immigrant kids. All these stories show a issue that we have with our immigration, as well as integration. Different experiences, different cultures, with different set of norms, with no ways of communication result in such bad ideas. Swedish society hasn’t got intergration in place and this is why these things are beginning to show red flags in people’s behavior. These events will increase if the Swedish society doesn’t start integrating.

The attacks in the group homes are due to the kids not having the right mindset, things to do and that the staff isn’t enough. I think they are just storage. Some group homes have activities, but I think they need to work with values and team work. They need to get Swedish values into the immigrants, to prevent them from thinking they can target, attack and kill staff and other immigrant kids. They need to know that they are not even allowed to touch anyone else, so no more molestation of Swedish girls occur.

There is a problem grouping them all together. There is something in the atmosphear at these group homes. Something underneath the surface. Perhaps all their traumas and experiences from their home countries. They need to be dealt with, spoken about. Psychologists from day one need to be there, together with translators, if not natives. Perhaps we should educate some of the boys that came here earlier and have done good in society to the things we need? For free, on state money, since there is obviously a demand, even if not spoken. Underneath the surface there is a big problem not handling these immigrated kids in a good way. It can turn really dangerous for Sweden not dealing with these issues. We will see more of these current events and events that have happend recently. Sweden most act. Act now. Preventive work.


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