Some people bath in money

I read an article about Filip Tysander, who made a fortune on his watch collection Daniel Wellington. I have meet people from his “staff” before they where successful, at Formex. A man that Filip uses in his ads. I was a frequent visitor at Formex, until my interest in shoppoholism died. I however tried to affect the distributors by talking ecological producing and such things. I remember talking to a young man, that Filip uses in some of his ads. However, I remember saying something about his watches, which is important. I told his staff member, on Formex that they should make the strap easily replaceable and that I didn’t like pins in watches, that seem to break or loosen every now and then. They still have the pins, but I guess they made the straps easily replaceble. At least the Nato-straps. They took my word and made it easily replaceable. Intersting.

Didn’t think that their company to turn into a millionaires company. Hehe. I read that he paid 104,5million SEK for his new build apartment in Stockholm. His company had such a big growth.

I am a idea machine, I have always been. I share my ideas freely, most of them. Some I still keep to myself. I have never started something to let it grow and to make money on it. I am not just type of person I guess.

The man I meet at Formex was the man in the image below. I have no idea who he is, just that he was at Formex and that I talked to him. I am good at remembering conversations and faces, but not names.

Last year Filips company had a revenue on 600 million SEK according to VA.

He says he got the name for the company from a Englishman he met. He tells the story of how the watch design occured in the article dezeenwatchstore down below. About the design of the watch and strap itself that is.



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