Amazing car

My freedom car, but at the same time a time thief, money theif, environmental thief, activity thief and so much more. My freedom car gives me freedom to go from A to B, but it costs money, it costs time, it makes people lazier and it is a strain on the environment. We need to make the cars like Tezla. However I cannot afford such a electric car. Not even the cheap model that is coming. And Miew, wasn’t my taste. Must a car be so ugly? I bought a new car, or used, but rather new. This years model must be a new car for many. I handed in my little sweet car. My special car, that was styled by me, most likely the only of that variant in Sweden. So now to my new car. It looks more like a regular car, but it is all but regular. It has turbo engine. It has almost as low consumption as my little car had. It is a big car, we are talking big, no small thing. More like a big car. And it has all kinds of gimmicks. It has camera, sensors for traffic, handsfree build in and it has auto-stop if someone runs out in traffic. Many things. It has a fridge… built in… haha. That is strange. It has big enormous wheels during the summer… it is fast and furious. I think I like my new car, even though it doesn’t look as hot as my old small car. This car has much more to offer. I can drive in a terrain. I couldn’t do that with the city car. I only wish my car was electric. That is the only but on my car. Or at least ethanol. Well. I got more a real car, it has double the horse power as my last car. I won’t miss the engine in the old car, however I will miss being able to park anywhere, since it was so small. This car needs a lot of space. But my freedom car makes me free. It is a car for travelling. Meeting new places and people. My other car wasn’t a family car. It was a car for 1-2 people. The kid has gotten to big for the backseat in the old car. Started complaining about space. It ain’t complaining anymore. I love my new car. I have already started pimping it indoors. Outdoors is coming… I wish all cars could be converted to friendly fuel.

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