Cyndi Lauper – True Colors

This is a song from the 1980’s. This is Cyndi Lauper with True Colors. A video full of symbolism.

Below is a simple transcript of some of the content and lyrics, with some interpration. Feel free to continue to interpret.

She beats on the jungle drum and picks up a black flower, sings about the darkness inside of you… but sings that she sees your true colors shining through. Child dressed up finds the black flower and picks it up. A black flower is full of mystery and in nature only dark red flowers seem black, but there is no true black flower. It is very interesting she chooses a black flower, since she sings about true colors. Black flowers that are not dark red have been dyed, so perhaps even though they have, their true colors shine through. Perhaps that can go for humanity as well. We are colored by choices, life experiences, but there is a core essance to each and everyone of us.
She sings that the true colors are beautiful. Perhaps those are those of communication, as the two women in the stranded boat in the desert are doing, communicating and imagining a sea, therefore getting a sea and not a desert.
Then Cindi is dressed up in pearls, she puts down a shell. The shell image transforms into a women that lays in a white bed with white clothes. A man from above gives here a cloth. He is above her, almost as an angel. This part of the story is very much like the story of Afrodite, the Godess of love. She is portrayd in a shell, given a cloth to cover her self.
A black man plays the guitar. The man from the sky baths in the water and rises up and holds her and kisses her. When she is kissed they are no longer in human colors, but in negatives.
Then she walks in the desert. The desert is full of pieces of society. Then we see a scholar that reads for the children.
Cindi looks at her reflexion and says that the true colors are as beautiful as a rainbow. Then the spotlight is on the moon again, just as in the beginning of the video. The moon might represent the night, the universe and many things.

In the end, we all live under the same moon. On the same planet.


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