On top of the game

I am on top right now. Prepared for tomorrows seminar. I have read all the texts for tomorrow. Feels good. I read them yesterday and another day. Today I have read for next weeks seminar. I have read all but one book and two chapters in another book from all that we are supposed to read. Feels good. Expecting to work at least one day this week. I feel I can do that. I have already handed in the litterature list for my thesis. It is as complete as I could do it until the deadline. However on Saturday I was thinking of going to the library and look at some books. Then I will do a real list of the books I want to use. So the litterature list I have produced might be totally wrong. I don’t know, but I had to make the deadline. So I don’t care if the books are right or not.

Well. I have done the intro days at the newest temp job, however I said I was studying this fall, so I am not expecting to start til next year. I managed the test. I am glad for that. I got authorisation. Thanks for that. Feels better. The intro days are paid and I have reached my goal for this month. I will however work one day more. I need the money for Christmas. For presents and food. Perhaps even sharity for some animals shelters and orphanage.

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