Some books are just so boring to read and I have to force myself and read the texts, since I have seminars to attend. Tomorrow is a hectic day, both work and seminars. Or really a educational day at work as well. I am attending work education. Then I have to go to seminar as well. Work and education the day after as well.

Somehow in all this, I have to squeeze in hand written work as well. Then I have yet another seminar… to attend. To that I have to read more assignments (texts in books). On top of that… for the written thing I have to read something as well… the question is what. Somehow the instructions are here and on the online forums.

The questions is now, what am I supposed to hand in? Don’t understand why the instructions must be so blurry and so hard to understand and find. Well, I have handed in something for the coming seminar.

I have to read a book to one seminar later this week. I don’t have that book. Interesting. I am on hold for the copy, I should get it now, but haven’t gotten it yet. I have two books and some chapters in two other books to complete before the end of this week. Sigh

Well. I am going to. I have read a lot so far. I have done it on time. I have handed in something in time. The quality? Don’t know. Handed in what I could. Time is of essance. Lack of time. Need to work as well. I really hope that I get hold on the book til Thursday, otherwise there is no point in me not working on Thursday. If I don’t have the book to read, I might as well work. We’ll just have to see won’t we?

Well. This week is blurry and the instructions unclear. But I am trying to interpret them and do the tasks wanted. Somehow.

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