A life with no goals

I have seen people with clear goals in their lifes. I haven’t got any big goal in the sense that I see it as a goal. I had a goal with my studies once. I wanted a number of credits. I have reached the amount. I once had a goal to take an degree. I took three, but that was never my goal. I have had small goals, but no main goal really.

I wanted to own a house, but got a attached house… not really what I wanted. I wanted a partner, I have that. I wanted pets, I got that. I wanted a kid, or did I? I think I had an idea of a kid, but when we now are talking about it, it was never a dream of mine to have kids. I could have done without as well. I think that was more my partners goal. I still think I could have had a good life, even better, without kids. There will be no more kids. One is enough.

I wanted a car, I got a car. I wanted a drivers license, got that to. Wanted this and that, got that to. I have gotten everything I wanted. Perhaps not always as I wanted, but in time I got it. I am however bad at setting goals. I can achive the goals if there is one set, but when there is none…. it is difficult to achive a “non goal”.

I think I have a goal, but I don’t know if I will achive the goal or even strive for it. If I am unemployed I will try to study a new major…. but if I have a job that isn’t as important. Depending on what type and what kind of job. I will continue studies if I have the wrong job. However what is the right job? I have no idea.
I don’t even like being employed. I dislike it in fact. So what is my goal? I would like to be rich, but I have no goal how to be that. Or do I? I have talked about it, but not set a goal for it. I should….

Do you have a goal? It is easier to reach the target if you do. Right now I have no real goal. I am in limbo.


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