One more day of work

I am working tomorrow to, after that I have not booked in more days. I could have, but not yet. I will wait for the right assignment. I think better options will come. With better I mean work that I can do skillfully, better than the one on offer. Temping you have the option of chosing assignments, but not to much, because then you might not get any. But some assignments are to difficult, that is I have no experience and therefore I think someone else is more suited for the job.

I have now decided to go to the classes I chosen. I wanted to rather attend the state education, since that provides a living for me for allmost all atumn. (That was my wish, but I didn’t get access, I was first reserve.) After that I will work and study. I will have student money (the free part) and then salary the rest. I think I will try it. If studying full-time is to much, I can cut it down to half. Full-time can be tough.

Now I am tired. I have to sleep one hour, in order to be awake later.

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