The superficial world of beaty

I don’t wear make-up daily, why should I? I am content with the dark eye lashes and dark eye brows and the hair color God gave me. I still look young, even though I have passed 40. Who the fuck cares? The superficial world of beauty.

A girl with zips got ugly comments, the comments were in fact terrible. Why do people even say such things? However she got compliments when the covered them up, and some hated the make up and gave yet again terrible comments.

I am thinking, why do people complain on people’s faces. Faces are what we are born with, no matter what it looks like, the face is there. It isn’t something you should have to change. It should be enough for people that you exist as you are. However make up can transform faces. This way even a plain face gets beautiful. Some think it is wrong to enhance looks. I think that people should be accepted as they are, with or without make-up. I can understand if you have irritating skin and want it to get better. I used to have zips like this girl in my early teens, but it passed. I still get zips, but not that many. Sometimes on my nose, other times on my forehead or somewhere else, totally visible for the world. They can be painful, therefore I don’t want zips. People judge you because of your skin. They think you cannot take care of yourself. I say there many reasons for not having good skin. Hormons, medication, bad genes etcetera. You cannot know why, it is just shallow to consider something without knowing. Some have to prioritize other things in life and cannot afford to get the zips removed.

There are medicines that take care of the zips, I finally got that and after that I could have good skin. I just got good skin and didn’t need make-up to cover up anything. Make-up made it worse in fact. So I use make-up for special occations, when I feel like it. Very seldome that is.

Here is the video with social media comments and what the girl looks like before, during and after make-up.

I think she is beautiful before, under and after. I think the world is sad to think she isn’t. She just has bad skin, I won’t lie about that, but the cream I used has worked for everyone I recommended it to, so there is a solution to make her own skin glow.


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