Outdoors all day

Today I was outdoors all day. I think I also stood up most of the day. I even had to excersise somewhat. I never exercise. I came home, showered, changed clothes and ate. Then I just fell asleep on the sofa. The kid is playing in its room. I checked the kid wasn’t doing things it shouldn’t do. When I finally woke up my arms hurt. I have muscle soreness in my arms. Oh mine. I have gotten excersise, fresh air and muscle soreness from this day of work. Perhaps it is a good thing, since I most likely need to excersise. In midst of it all, it was work and I got paid for it. Well. That was my day so far. I am still tired, but I think I should do some stuff. The kid and me should go and buy milk, since the milk is almost finished.

I cannot really see myself as the outdoor type, but in the past I was. But not anymore. When I was young I was outdoors whenever given the option. I was a scout, then later on in a organisation that camped, walked in the woods, hiked several miles and such things. (Not the scouts, but something else). I also used to train a lot and go by bike everyday, when I lived in my hometown as young and when I was a university student full-time. I then just…. stopped doing all those things. But then I started to do excersise and lift weights, five days a week…. then I got sick and didn’t do anything for half a year. Then I started again, but didn’t achive the same, then I just stopped doing them since my body didn’t respond to training the same way. Then I just … got fat and lazy. I paint and illustrate instead. I walk a lot and move at work, but not at the extent as today. I am really not used to moving around a lot this way. I do move around the house, cleaning, washing, repairing, taking care of the house and such things… Even when cleaning the house or washing the car or reparing something my muscles can get soreness. Haha. Today I got it in my arms.

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