Full-time day almost

I worked a lot of hours today. I was in a totally new place, never been there before. Felt good. Liked my stay, wasn’t tired up on arrival home. But I think it is time to go to bed. I haven’t “signed in” for work tomorrow yet. Gonna do the same as today, sign in as available in the morning, so I can sleep in. I get job sooner or later. I need the morning hours. It is tiresome to wake up 6.30, since that is when they usually call me if I have signed in available. But this way I get to sleep some more. Thanks for that. Need that morning sleep.

Well. Haven’t done any illustrations this evening, but I did one at work, that is enough. Now I think I am going to go to bed and watch TV or go to sleep. My partner seems to have fallen asleep in the sofa. Got to wake my partner up. Well, now I am going. Bye.

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