Some people don’t seem to understand animals have rights

Would you strap your kids to the roof of your car and drive 110 km/hour? I guess not, but an American man did that to his three puppies. The American man had an open cage on the roof of the car. In the cage was 3 puppies. Luckily enough someone called the police, according to Aftonbladet. What was the American man thinking? Putting an open cage and having a tarpaulin over it is not enough to protect the puppies. The small puppies didn’t understand what was happening. They have peed all over the cage. Wouldn’t you have been terrified? Imagine you being the one in the cage of the car driving 110km per hour…

The American puppy owner got a warning and he lost the puppies to a shelter in the USA. It is illegal in USA to have animals on the rooftop of a car. Just saying.


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