What is wrong with the “men” in Saudi Arabia?

It seems as the Saudi Arabian “men” want to imprison all women of their country, if not all women on Earth. Perhaps they have understood that women are the superior beings and they need to keep them in golden cages so that they don’t take control of Saudi Arabia? Perhaps women are the real rulers of this universe? The interesting thing is that women are expected to raise the children, so I think the women would be able to change their outcome by making the children love them enough not to want to put them in prison. Easier said than done after Centuries of enslavement of half of the population.

A real man doesn’t discriminate, therefore “men”, I don’t think they are real men.

My father worked in Saudi Arabia and he told us that he wasn’t even allowed to turn his head after an escorted women. In his line of work he could see into the secret atrium gardens in Saudi Arabia, but if the foreman/boss saw that they were punished. It was against the law to even watch at the women and being caught was dangerous. My father made sure he didn’t watch. In the secret gardens the women didn’t wear the niqab and such things. They were guarded from insight from the road because of their high walls.

I have three dresses from Saudi Arabia, one for adults and two for children. They are really made like princess dresses, but in arabic style. The adult dress is totally according to Islam, but in purple and gold. It is actually very beautiful. My mother used to wear it. Then I have two children’s dresses, they are not cut in arabic style, but the colors and material is very much arabic. It is a wonderful dress. My favorite. The other one is in green and red and a real party dress for a young girl. They are memories of my father being there for a long period, far away from us. He was there working. They only employ the skilled ones, the best are offered contracts. My father was one of the best in his field, back in those days.

Well. I am glad me and my mother never went there. I would have been in a golden cage and perhaps this is what my mother understood when she said no. Already back then Saudi Arabia kept their women in cages.

The way the society treated them showed us they didn’t trust men. They seemed to think men were horny and couldn’t keep it in their pants. The women seemed to be locked away from making men watch at them. Also it seemed as the men were scared that the women would leave them if given freedom. The Saudi Arabia way of caging women is terrible. They are making the women caged in golden cages. I cannot even understand that the women do not revolt and start complotting. Oh, they cannot…. why? They are caged, they cannot go anywhere without a male escort for the family. The men control everything. The women cannot even drive a bike, nor a car, perhaps not even a motor cycle (however that has never been mentioned in an article, but most likely that too).

In todays Expressen we can read about the Saudi Arabian princesses being locked away in castles, without freedom and good food. As if they are trying to starve them. Their father was one of the richest in the world, but still his daughters don’t even seem to get proper food in their golden cage. Two daughters seem to have disappeared, according to the article. I am not surprised. They were smart, but not smart enough to not react on mistreatment. They were matures and that was their mistake. I can understand people speaking up, but it is dangerous in societies like Saudi Arabia.

The black gold is the Babylon hore. The black gold is oil. It has the shades of purple and red when it burns. The Bible speaks about this. It is the oil in the desert that is in focus. That is my interpretation. The Bible has foretold that we will be blinded by the Babylon hore, so we have. Oil dependent. But is the oil worth the discrimination of half of the population? Should we continue to feed countries like Saudi Arabia? No. We shouldn’t. Margot Wallström did the right thing trying to speak up about human right violations from Saudi Arabia. The violations by Saudi Arabia are many.

I don’t like discrimination and for me such men are stupid and unintelligent. The world has been blind for to long. We need to start living environmentally friendly, non oil dependent. We need to convert all engines to renewable energy sources. Start inventing. Let’s make Saudi Arabia unimportant. Forbid them to own companies in your countries. Forbid their money from investing. Force them to adapt to anti discrimination laws and human rights, if they want to stay on the arena. Force them to become equal, force their oil away and let them go towards green technologies in order for them to be able to play and invest on your arenas. You set the rules in your countries. Everybody in your country should be treated with respect, no matter gender, sexual orientation, handicap, religious belief. But everybody must accept we are equal, that we cannot discriminate due to i.e. gender or religious belief, however laws must be followed, but if those are wrong, then those must be changed to the better, of course. Technologies should be environmentally friendly and use renewable sources. Force Saudi Arabia to be a non oil company. They already got the resources to be non oil dependent, since they got the money.

Let all countries be non oil dependent. Turn your heads away from the spell of the Babylon hore in the Saudi Arabian desert.



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