Being a temp can be annoying at times

One of my many employers changed the schedule for one day two times and the third time I didn’t say yes, I called my other employer and asked them if they need help that day. They said yes, so I will work for my other employer that day instead. I told the other one that I wouldn’t change a third time and had accepted another assignment that day. I couldn’t stand to change a fourth time, which could have happened.

It feels better. I have also gotten a project assignment for 2 weeks, but I have not yet accepted. That work only gives a commission and that is dependent on others, therefore I haven’t decided yet. It would be an office job for a couple of weeks, which could be nice. But it could end up in me making no money for a couple of weeks. However since I have worked with that before that is highly unlikely that I wouldn’t make any money… however the stress…. economic stress. Well. What should I say? I am thinking about it. My partner wants me to take it. I don’t know. I am not that sure. I am still considering. My friend says no, but my partners friend says yes and that partner has experience in the subject so to speak.

I don’t know. It would be nice to have an office job a couple of week, however I would like to have a base salary… not only commission… I shouldn’t be scared, but image if I make no money for a couple of weeks, that is an income loss.

Ole, dole, doff, koffe, lane, binke bane, ole, dole, doff, piff, paff, puff, du är tuff. What am I to decide? Hard work, safe money. Easy work, little money. Unsure work, unsafe money, but could be good.

What am I to do?

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