Russians and Americans are different

Through out history they have not been able to understand each other at all times. During those times that the communication has been worst we have had the Cold War. Somehow it is back and the peacocking has intensified. Russians complain that their goals and interests are not considered by Europe and USA. If we look back in history all that is true. However the Russians (former Sovjet) also needs to consider other countries interests and understand they are to different and have people and needs of different origin than Russian. Many conflicts in the world are often due to people not being able to communicate. In the cold war there were broken promises from Russian leaders and the Americans were difficult to understand and grasp. So with that said they misunderstood each other and most likely couldn’t communicate, hence their culture, ideology and history was different. This is true for all parts of the world. Therefore we need to be more accepting of the different and so accept diversified. Yet this is not so, not even in Swedish workplaces.

When a company wants to uphold safety the bosses act according to intuition and their background. When someone is different they rather not employ the different, even though the person is totally right. This is a problem with Swedish work places. They say they want to diversify, yet they don’t. They just want copies or stereotypes, that they can understand and then the bosses feel safe. However is that the best thing for the work place? Seldome is, but do they dare to think different? Seldome do. Swedish work places are like countries, just like when Putin tries to control Russians by enforcing all kinds of ideological laws against homosexuals and so on. Some Americans don’t want to pay taxes so that everyone may get health care, no matter rich or poor. There are many strange ideologies and values in the world. For me both American and Russian values are strange. I want health care for everyone and we should all contribute with what we can to the welfare state. I am not like a Russian in values, nor and American, not even Swedish or from my original origin. I am me. It is hard for you to understand when you are not me, just as when the cold war. If you don’t try to understand you are in zero or minus. If you try to understand then perhaps you will reach somewhere and instead of getting a cold war, perhaps you get new friends and some nice sunny days.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about I recommend you to read some history books.

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