I think I have a fever

I haven’t checked, but I have felt cold and hot all day, except for a couple of hours on artificial fever tablets. My eyes and nose have itched all day, imagine a person having so much slime.

I ain’t feeling to good right now. I feel like I might have a slight fever. I feel a little bit sick, tired and worn out.

On TV they are talking about the Estonia catastophe. I had one person I knew on that boat. It was my neighbour when I lived at home. He lived right next door to us. He died in Estonia. Also one of my best friends relatives died. I also know one person that was born that day. So both something bad and good came from that day.

I have travelled with Viking Sally, when it used to be named that. Then they sold the boat and renamed it to Estonia. I felt, on the last trip, that I thought of the boat as unsafe. I didn’t feel safe onboard. The boat had a lot of sounds that didn’t sound so comforting. I actually said I never again wanted to travel with Viking Sally. So we didn’t. I didn’t know Estonia was the Viking Sally, until the press reported that. It was an unsafe ship and I felt it already back then. It was to old to be in traffic. It should have been improved a lot. Unfortunately people had to die, since Estonia was not taken out from traffic.

It is two decades ago since Estonia went under in the Baltic sea.

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