Melissa Horn – in concert

I have been tired all week. I have worked. I have been to a concert seeing Melissa Horn. She sings songs that are moody. She excused herself between the songs and said that she always had bad relationships, therefore all her songs are about her failed relationships. She also says she got advice from the people to write something else when she asked. However she didn’t like the advice, it hindered her from doing songs. She managed to do at least one song, but then it was because of her friends failed relationship. She said it doesn’t matter that she always turnes to the failed relationships in her songs. She sings in Swedish. She performed for 1,5 hours. I enjoy her moody songs. They are storytelling songs. She was all dressed in black and all the others in the band were also dressed in black. She said it was her thing to wear black at the concerts.

In this song she sings that it is her life and that she lives in a city she doesn’t like, but you do not need to understand why. She says she likes to be in control. She said she loved her audience and that she loved being on stage. She said she loved the feelings of love on stage.

Here is one of the songs she sang at the concert.


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