Greedy people – low paid workers suffer

This is just an article written by me about how the Swedish System works, it is just an information article and has nothing to do with my life.

In Sweden we have discounts paid by the state for people who use home maids. They are, according to, paid about 12 000 SEK per month before taxes. That is a common salary for cleaners in Sweden. Normal tax is around 32% and that leaves 8160kr after tax, then I think the person gets “jobbskatteavdrag”, so let’s say the person is paid 9000 SEK per month. A small apartment can sometimes cost 6000SEK per month in Stockholm. So with that said, the cleaner might have 3000 SEK to live on. That is in fact the same as if the person would have welfare. So I consider it low-income. It is better if they co-live with someone and share the bills. Well. Meanwhile the services are reduced for the users of Hemfrids services by the so called RUT-avdrag. It is a deduction tax. You get part of the services reduced by the state. If the service costs 300SEK per hour you pay 150kr per hour up to a certain amount. However Hemfrid costs 500SEK per hour the last time I checked. So most of the money goes to the owners of Hemfrid.

31 million SEK has gone to the owners of Hemfrid, according to So tax payers have given away 31 million to a private company. Some workers have to pay a lot to work. If they even buy a buscard, then they have less money than if they had welfare. What kind of company doesn’t pay enough money for people to support themselves? Hemfrid, according to article. They pay low-salary incomes. They are not the only ones, even large cleaning companies in factories do the same, but their work is not reduced.

RUT-avdrag creates low-income-jobs, that give families a low-income, not sustainable for single parents with children. RUT-avdraget puts money in the pocket on the greedy rich, in this case Monica, the owner of Hemfrid. Bad company.

The article in Aftonbladet also claims she was a lobbyist to create the “RUT”-avdrag.  Who is in charge of the money? Not the workers…