Take a stand

If you have an opinion, please speak up. If you think you are badly treated, do something. Tell at least someone. Find someone you can confide in. More people than you think have the possibility to help you. Try to trust your gut feeling. You have more instincts than you know of. You know more than you think of. If you have a feeling that something is wrong, then investigate the feeling. Try to find out if there is any truth to what you are sensing. Are you satisfied with your life as is? Do you think your life is sustainable and good? Are you kind to others at any time? Do you smile to strangers? Do you recycle? Do you have a eco-friendly way of getting to work? Have you chosen eco-friendly energy sources for your home? Have you done anything to improve? Do you buy ecological food? I know it can be hard to try to follow all the rules. I recycle, I have chosen renewable energy sources for my home. I have a car that uses less gas (but green fuel would have been better). I try to by ecological food, or closely produced, if not combined, when my economy allows that and the store has it in the store. Sometimes I cannot get what I want if the store hasn’t got it, or if my economy doesn’t allow it, but I strive. You can do a lot of things, even if you ain’t perfect. But on top of this you can do a lot! You can try and change the rules, regulations and more, to make all of us eco-friendly. But for that we need the billionaires and company owners to jump on the train. We need everyone onboard to make life better for everyone. We need to stop doing a lot of harmful stuff to Earth. Industrial production is in many ways responsible for a lot of environmental issues. Electricity is a problem. The products are small heaters. Imagine turning them all off. Would the temperature drop? Perhaps. However first we need to find alternative lifestyles and make all the changes needed to live better, more sustainable lives.

I found a video about change on YouTube. It is said to be from the anonymous collective, but that can never be checked, since they are not really official as a group. They are many. So please see the video. Reminder, I am not the sender of the message, I just present the information for you. As usual, find your own truth. Check sources. Interpret. Evaluate.

This a Anonymous message from user Anonymous Messages at YouTube.
They want the corrupted actions to vanish. They are saying that if you do not want to have your life controlled, then you should also start trying to change the society.
They are talking to those that want more than just money and a job to life. They say ideas cannot be broken. Ideas are in the mind. We should not look when governments to criminal acts towards its citizens you should do something.
Do you want caring, rights, symphaty, more value to human life, less focus on stuff than you can be part of this resistance.
Formed, molded from an idea. They are your neighbours, family, friends, the workers, the unemployed, the lawyer that fight for others, the teachers, the students, we are anyone and they wish for no fame and profit. They are you. They are not a single group, they are not just hackers like media says, that is a corrupted view given by media.
They are an idea.

The film was removed. The link used to be the one down below.


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