Kent was accused of being racist

I read an article in that Kent, the Swedish band, were accused of being racist. The lyrics for La belle epoque contains “Djävla finnar, norrmän och danskar”. That means “Evil(but more as vulgar as fucking) Fins, Norwegians and Danish”.

I think it is a song about racists in our countries actually, therefore it is funny that someone reported them for racism in a crime that is called “hets mot folkgrupp”.

The song is about how wired our society is. The funny thing is that two of the members are actually Finish, so I do not think they are racist against themselves. I guess that the person that made the report didn’t really understand the lyrics.

I have met Kent and I have also been to many of their concerts and I often listen to their music.

In Kent says he stopped writing allegoric and started writing in clear text instead. But if Kent would have included an explanation to the text then perhaps the listener would understand it is really about the unequal world we live in.


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