Fracking and gas exploitation could very well set off volcanos

Professor Richard Davies has written about the risks of extraction of gas and fracking underneath the Earth surface.

Fracking and gas exploitation could very well set off volcanos, by setting off a chain reaction underneath the Earth surface. However, still we keep drilling and wanting to get more gas and oil and exploit our planet. Just as we do with nuclear, we are mixing ourselves into things we really shouldn’t. We do not have the knowledge or skills to understand the long term effects of what we are doing. But as usual, industrialisation is all about comfort and doing everything before thinking.

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Humans are good at doing things without thinking. We managed to get our industries in Europe good, with less toxins in the surroundings, but then it got so expensive, so the factories had to move to cheaper countries. There we are now setting aside workers conditions, buildings are unsafe, the surrounding areas are being exploited and poisoned. All for what? Some unclean toxic clothes, stuff and so on, that we get tired off within a few months and throw away.

Then some garbage is exported to Africa, where poor kids poison themselves in the tracks of poverty and the industrialised countries using the poor. The poor have no choice. They are poor, they starve otherwise. Some are desperate and rather drown on their way to Europe, or sell themselves as hores to tourists on Gran Canaria.

Our world is sick and you men have all done it. Mostly men have been ruling. As science shows us, women are needed as well, since they have more empathic skills overall. Some men still have that to, but science says that more women are emphatic than men. Still companies refuse to hire women to be on the boards. Give the women real power. No, there “are no women” suited. Bullshit. Everybody knows it is bullshit.

Men do not think as much as the women with their hearts. A man has other skills, they are good precision workers in building and so on. So really if we looked at science women should rule the world and men should be the slaves. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I sometimes step outside the boundaries, sorry if you where offended.

Well. There are many things that the Industrialised countries have done wrong really and science is well on the way reviling many of the mistakes humanity has made. I mean nuclear? What where you thinking? And Finland – what are you thinking – building new power plants for nuclear? I am just wondering how stupid you all are.

Then we have those that talk about peace, but make a lot of money on arms. I was even suggested to apply for work at heavy armory companies, what the ?? That does go against my belief system to invent heavy armory. I rather work with something more important than that. I see no need for any other then peace keepers with arms really.

Well. So back to fracking. It can cause i.e. Yellow stones volcano to erupt and it would wipe out a lot. I had premonitions for yellow stone already four years ago, but I have never understood why, until I now saw a article about it. Now I could understand the warning I had gotten for Yellowstone. Then I couldn’t. I just hope it isn’t to late. But my prediction is to the USA stop fracking, oil and gas exploration, or else something bad will happen. When? I have no idea. I just got a gut feeling, if we could say so.

Traces of methane have been found in the soil in areas that have done fracking, according to US Environmental protection agency according to Imagine being able to set fire to your drinking water. There is a film that has a story about fracking, it’s with Matt Damon, you could see it. They handle some of the issues. In that film the people letting their ground be “frackled” do it because they are poor. No different then the guys picking up copper on dirty poison fields in Africa, with waste from industrialised countries like ours.

Read more about fracking on asks on their homepage if earth quakes are man-made? They have seen increased activities. I would say yes, some are the result of what people might have done in the past and then later on it could result in that and more will come, if we do not stop drilling underneath the Earth surface, upper part. With all this information and still nothing is being done?  Strange world you all live in. So have you called your gas company and replaced your energy with sun, wind and water instead? If not, then you are responsible as well. Have you replaced your car to ethanol or electronic? No… well, then you are also responsible. I know it isn’t easy, I also have a gas car. I however want the governments to make a law that makes all manufacturers reliable to their old models and to replace engines in them all, if the owners want. However then I would very much like the cars that can do replacements to be the only ones allowed out on the streets. It is very easy, you just need to legislate so it happens. Simple, right? It won’t happen if you do not take a stand and make a difference. Speak your mind, write, film, take photo’s, sing, or whatever gives you joy! Chose your way of communication and tell it to everyone you meet.

I cannot fight this all by myself, I need everyone to fight for mother Earth, if we want it to be habitable for all of us, so to speak.

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