The Dutch are kind people

I wanted to know more about the victims of flight MH17. I realised that there were at least one family from a place I once stayed at that were killed in the air plane. I was is Holland participating in an international exchange between youth in different countries when I was young. Seems like two members of a family from the same place were killed. I had a really nice visit in Holland. I meet people from all over the world. We learned about Holland, we meet people from all parts of the Dutch society. It is many years ago. During the weeks we lived in accommodations for all us youth and participated in all kinds of activities. During the weekends we stayed at Dutch families. One weekend I stayed in the hometown of two of the victims. Two people died from that town, according to an article in RTVU. One of the other weekends I stayed at a family were one of the children was in the UN. All of the Dutch I meet were really kind people. I have also worked with Dutch in two companies and I have liked them both. No Dutch has ever given me a reason to dislike them. They have all been good people to me at least. So that so many Dutch have been killed is very sad, since they are, in my world, very kind people. Just look at the educations they had! Doesn’t that say a lot about them? I just think all this is so tragic, just because someone chose to pull the trigger.

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