Some might enjoy warm summer days

However, I am not found of this type of heath we are having now. My house is to warm. I have only t-shirt and shorts, still I sweet a lot. If I do anything I am full of sweet. I am not so found of high humidity, like it is now. You feel dirty and unfresh all the time. I like when it is about 20 Celsius, then the weather is just perfect. I have no idea how hot is now, but I think my house is a bit hotter, because there is no wind breeze.

Outside the night is probably much cooler, but the house is good at storing the heat from the sun hours, so the hot stays. I have windows open, but that isn’t enough. I still sweat.

Some say it is better to sweat than to freeze. Haha. I freeze in our house during winter, since the heating is lowered down. I don’t like that either. I like it when the temperature is just right. Not to cold, not to hot, balanced so to speak.

I thought I needed a hair cut, however the best hair dresser is on vacation… so I guess someone else will have to cut the hair. However I cannot seem to find any reliable. It took me a couple of hairdressers to find this one, so when I finally found someone who cut my hair as I wanted, I decided it was a keeper. However, even my hairdresser needs vacation, so I just need to find another one, or just have this hair, however I rather have a new fresh look during summer.

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