A lot of conflicts in the world – Ukraine plane crash

The Expressen.se news are showing an Malaysian air plane that was shoot down.
News from USA show questions like “are Kalashnikov”… affected? make me wonder… the plane over Ukraine is said to have crashed. Ukraine say a missile shoot it down, but that they do not have ability to do it.
Russian news believe it was a missile from Ukraine. What ever it was. A plane has crashed.
They have increasing concern about civilians on both side, the American government representative says.
Most likely the plane has been shoot down or been subject to a terrorist attack.
23 American citizens have been killed, but the American do not say anything about this on their news.
Pro-Russian leader, with background from Russian intelligence, says, according to his own website, that the pro-Russians have just shoot down a troop plane at the same place of this accident. Could that plane have been mistaken to be a Ukraine troopers plane? One guess that this could be so, but yet not confirmed. If they have, this message might have been a way to say that they didn’t know what plane it was.
Even if this is not the plane. Why have the Russian government given weapons to people with no knowledge in identification of Air planes?
Unfortunately this might also be the reason to the shoot down of the passenger plane.
So we have war in Israel, with Hamas, We have civil war in Ukraine, terrorist groups in Africa and so on. Many places are surely under weapon’s control.

No matter what the reason for this is – there are civilians on this air plane. 295 people are dead, women, children and men.

Intelligence agencies all over the world, with satellites must know what happened, but then again they haven’t found what happened to flight MH370.

Why all this war? Why not work with making environmentally good places instead and accept that we are different?

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