Push the buttons (Windows) – Google doodle analysis

Today’s Google doodle shows us an arena in Brazil. Since I am in Sweden the text says: Fotbolls-VM 2014 (World cup for soccer 2014). Perhaps Google has translated that to whatever language you might have.

By he way, Google has some Android apps named “[…]push/press the button”, so it could be ads for that as well. But I will analyse it anyway. Push the button can be many things, it is all about triggering things, good or bad.

All 32 nations are cheering on, the flags represent those that have been part of the World cup competition. This image didn’t have any flags for the competitors in specific. By the way Germany won. Argentina lost this game.

Google doodle on the Brazilian areana. Pushing buttons / flags / countries. Printscreen 20140713.
Google doodle on the Brazilian areana. Pushing buttons / flags / countries. Printscreen 20140713.

The pointing finger on a white glow is pressing the different flags and mixing colours. Interestingly enough the flags look like Windows flags, at least 3 out of 4, the colour green is missing. I get the association windows since the screen to the right in the screen reminds me of a computer screen. Also the flags are pushed, just like we click on links on the Internet, or in our installed software. Since there are only three buttons we can also say that the hand is pressing all the buttons.

The buttons are also the same colors as in colour-mixing according to RYB-colors. Mixing colors could be seen as mixing people of different origin, like all the flags might represent.

On the arena there are flags waving. There are 16 flags on each side, a total of 32 flags. The arena is circular shaped. For a while the underlining (texting) is frozen, then it continues for a while. Down on the football-field the Google team are playing ball. The football field looks like a regular football field, however the arena is circular/ellipse shaped. I cannot really tell the shape of the arena, due to the angle. Only half of the arena is visible.

In the background to the right, there is the typical Monumento Cristo Redentor, in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro means January river. According to Wikipedia the statue shows Jesus love to the people, by him holding his hands wide open.

Oh. I had nightmares about that statue some years ago, then I realised my neighbour had that image in its living room, right behind my bedroom wall. Strange dreams, but for me the name Rio de Janeiro doesn’t mean January river, no it means something totally different. But that is a totally other topic, that I am not willing to share.

According to some news the statues thumb was stroke by lightning in January this year, isn’t that odd, since the name of the city means January river.

If we look at the hierarchy of this image, Jesus is on top of the Mountain. There are 4 triangles underneath him. That is pretty common to use the number four in iconology I have seen over the years when it comes to icon images of Jesus. In example there are often leaves outside churches and often they have four leafs. But I am not about to prove that now, you just got to trust me. There is a fifth triangle not fully visible. Perhaps it means five isn’t really there. Five is the middle number in the number series 1-9, and the middle is usually a good symbol for balance. So we could say that the fifth number means that the “globe” isn’t balanced. Afterall the Google design crew have designed the mountain as a globe and really not a peak. So who’s white glow is this?

White glows can mean several things in history. We could according to sacred-texts.com say it is an invitation to the free masons initiation ritual.

The colour of white, in the Western world, means innocence. Wash your hands clean could be referenced to the white gloves. Also in New age washing hands and using the clean hands seems to be believed can be used to clear the shakra. In the early church the bishops and priest were said, according to theeducatior.ca, to use white gloves. Yet again as a symbol for clean hands.

So the innocent are pushing the buttons. Or are the buttons being pushed for the innocent? However there is a song named “Pushed play”, with Miriam Bryant, that is a song about people who have gotten drunken and started to idolize. She has those colours on her remote control. So well, football is a sort of idolisation, imagine that some soccer players earn 400 million SEK per year. I won’t even come up to a small portion of that in my whole lifetime. Microsoft is a rich company, talking about Windows. He got so much millions that I do not even understand what he is going to do with all that money. He has started a charity, but still Bill Gates is controlling the money, instead of the people choosing what the money should be used for.

To the left of the arena we have one cloud. One windows cloud pushing buttons and Jesus is holding his hands out with love and playing with the Google team. What? That didn’t really turn out as I expected it to be when I just read the image.

Only half arena is showing, that means that half of the world aren’t playing yet.

The Google team are placed like Go to the left. And the yellow o is in the middle and then the rest of the team to the right. The yellow stands for positive options logically motivated. If I look up OOG, the ones grouped in the circle, there are some different meanings for it. It exists in games, as well as sayings for something.

Quote from Free Dictionary by Farlex:

OOG Out of Game (gaming)
OOG Odebrecht Óleo e Gás (Portuguese; Brazilian oil and gas company)
OOG Out of Gas
OOG Out of Gauge (cargo too large to fit standard containers)
OOG Office of Government
OOG Office of Oil and Gas
OOG Only on Guam
OOG Orphans Of God
OOG Officer of the Guard (various nations)
OOG Opposite of Grey (San Jose, California area band)
OOG Oh Our God
OOG Oxford Oxfam Group

As usual, don’t take my word for it, check sources, find other meanings and create your own analyse of the Google doodle. You have, after all, a totally different set of cultural glasses.

Source 20140713: