Google doodle interpretation – Gameplay Algeria vs. Germany

So lets do this interpretation. As usual, make your own in the end.

Two big eyes, one red/brown, one yellow/beige. In the left eye a fox with green sweater. In the right eye once more the eagle, with red, black and yellow sweater. Germany vs. Algeria in tonight’s soccer game. The fox is wearing the shirt with the flag, as well as the eagle is. Algeria’s national animal is a Fennec Fox. Germanys national animal is the Golden eagle.

Google doodle interpretation 20140630, the 3rd image of the day. Fennec fox vs. Golden eagle.
Google doodle interpretation 20140630, the 3rd image of the day. Fennec fox vs. Golden eagle.

The Golden eagle is dark brown. When hunting they use agility and speed. Their feet are massive and sharp. The bird is large. The females are larger than the male eagles. They are pretty silent birds, even if they can make sounds. Their natural habitat is native vegetation. They may be found in Europe, Asia and North America. They perceive high parental care. They live fairly long in their natural habitat. Some get to be in their 20’s, but as old as 46 years of age have been found in Europe. They eat rabbits, marmots, hares and ground squirrels, according to Wikipedia. They are used in falconry. In Europe falconry was used by Kings and Emperors. The Golden eagle is the most used national bird in the world. Even countries without it as national bird use it as a state symbol. It is a symbol for the Roman legion. Other states have been inspired by the “united” legion symbolism and adapted the symbol. The Bible is full of eagles. Eagles are representing one of four dimensions of creation, the messenger of God. They are seen as protectors and also as God carrying Israelites out of Egypt.

In other religions the eagle represents the God Zeus. Even in old Nordic they had eagles in their belief system. A eagle sits at the top of Yggdrasil, the tree of life. In Celtic mythology they are often transformers, from man to eagle. The Romans let the eagle even be a symbol for the Sun God. For native Americans the eagle’s feathers are sacred. They wore them in head dresses. They believed the eagle to be the thunderbird. They have different ceremonies were the eagle is represented.

The eagle is a very common symbol on stamps.

Main cause of death for Golden eagles in Britain today is poisoning. The eagle is not threatened right now, but still measures have to be taken to preserve the species, so that they in the future do not get extinct in the Nordic countries. In USA the Golden is protected by law. Unintentionally the island fox is threatened due to the existence of Golden eagle as predator.

The Fennec Fox is the national animal of Algeria. It lives in the Sahara and has big ears. It is a very small fox and it has adapted to high temperatures, low water and desert environments. It has sensitive ears and can hear the pray underground. It eats insects, small mammals and birds. In captivity they can live up to 14 years. They have similarities but are different from other foxes. They most likely live in pairs. The fennec is on the IUCN red list. It must be controlled to survive. The eagle owl, caracals, jackals, striped hyenas, saluki are some of the of the dangerous predators for the fennec fox. The fox is in some countries allowed as an small wild exotic canid. The breeders are controlled.

The ball shines like a star in this google doodle. The ball is green and yellow.

The OO in Google is large, like binoculars or glasses. Like someone that is watching with really big eyes.

The background is brown in the left eye (O). The background is vanilla coloured in the right eye (O). Chocolate and vanilla? Haha.

The fox is staring at the eagle. The fox is staring at its predator, the Golden eagle. The fox ears are way up higher than the eye it is placed inside. The fox is listening to the predator, just as if it self was hunting. Foxes are considered smart often in fairy tales. The ball is right between them and it shines.

The ring on the left is red and sure the fennec fox is red-listed and threatened. The Golden eagle has a yellow ring. Yellow can represent gold. However it can also be a warning colour. The eagle isn’t threatened right now, but might be if measures are not taken.

To the left of the fox is a serious blue G. To the right of the eagle there are three letters, gle. Blue, green and red. Serious as blue. Green as ecologically friendly or military. Red as a e, standing for warning or unbalance, hence the e is the fifth letter and number five is the balancing number between 1-9.

The bird has got mountain tops, looks like the artist Madonna’s tits. Sorry. Black triangles are a symbol with many meanings. It is a nickname for a region in Germany, Poland and Czech. It is also a symbol for a certain UFO. It is also Unicode for number 2. A region in Europe, with a lot of mining, a Cole district in fact is named the Black triangle. They have problems with environmental issues like poisoned trees, bad air and such. Work is being done for reducing these problems, according to

Also underneath the black triangles are the red and yellow stripes. Red is a stop colour and yellow is a warning signal.

So is the brown for the fact that Algeria is in Africa and the skin colour black is common? And is the vanilla for the white Germans playing?

So what is Google doodle really saying? That the eagle is being extinct, poison placed by men to kill off both nature and animals. The smart fox survives, since it has adapted to higher temperatures, low-waters supply, gotten small in size, has big ears, so it can avoid being pray and so that it may get food by hunting animals that easily populate. We are all on our way to turn into a warm place, like Africa. We will have to adapt to the environment. Chocolate and vanilla is being mixed when poisons float around from continent to continent. We are all affected when the temperatures arise. We are all on the same lifeboat. We are all on the same planet – Earth. Our environments and what we do here affect each other. We are affected by the other continents. A red light in one country, a yellow in another, clearly shows we are off balance. The rings should have been green with no warnings, if we lived in balance with life on this planet.

You need to be brave, as the eagle, smart as the fox, to change red planet to yellow planet. Are you ready?

So how come a Google doodle could contain this? Even if the designer didn’t intend to do it, this is the effect of you being part of this world. We all affect each other. We are all connected, even if it is through other parties. One thing you do may as well affect your friend a few days from now. That friend affects another and so on. That is called the ripple effect. You are a power factor to everything around us, no matter how small you think you are in midst of all. We are all components of this universe. We coexist, together. Here and now, no matter what belief system you belong to or anti-belong to. This is how life works.

How do you want to exist? What legacy do you want to leave? Are you living here, now, in the present, taking responsibility for your actions? Have you done something for the environment today?

Feel free to continue to interpret all of the parts of the Google doodle. Enjoy!