Hat off for G and e – Google doodle interpretation

The game that is playing now is between Costa Rica and Greece.

Google doodle 20140629, the second for the day.
Google doodle 20140629, the second for the day.

The G wears the hat for the Costa Rica flag. The e wears a hat for the Greek flag. The G and e are lifting their hats off. The o o have the colours red and white. The g l are blue and white. All are the colours of the Costa Rica and Greece flags.

They are in a totally light blue setting, with the same colour on floor and walls, with no distinct marker marking the floors from the walls.

On the oogl the yellow and green soccer balls are bouncing up and down. All the letters have been given shadows. The bolls are not bouncing totally synchronised. They are a little random.

To place the teams apart, Goo is to the left and gle is to the right, showing they play on two sides of the courtyard.

Reading the Svenska Akademien didn’t help much, since the language was so old. However lifting the hat is a symbol for different things. In church, in those days people wore a hat, one should take the hat off as respect for the holy church. In war the hat could be placed on a stick to show truce. Lifting ones hat for somebody is the same as showing respect, according to Svenska Akademien.

Using hattikett for a grown man, wearing a hat, is showing that you have manners, i.e. by lifting you hat, according to Ribbing at Dn.se. Ribbing also writes that in a church you should always take off your hat, but in a Galleria it is okay to keep it on, however in a restaurant you take it off.

According to Danielsson the male hat is a symbol for worship and masculinity. In history a man without hat showed he lived outside the societies rules. The hat was a common item until the 1960’s in our wardrobes. Both men and females got bigger and longer hair in the 1970’s and the hat was not practical anymore. The high hat can be worn at weddings nowadays. In the 19th Century bankers and stock brokers wore those hats.

In academic rituals in Sweden at least the high hat exists. It can be worn with the tuxedo. When getting a doctors degree one can get a doctors hat. That is an old tradition.

The first o is red and a red circle is often used for prohibited traffic signs together with another symbol inside.

Trinity can be represented by circles. Among those circles the white circle symbolises the inner core, the solid spot that is the creation of all that is created and change for everything. It symbolises that we all have the same parent and everything lives within God, according to tredjetestamentet.se.

According to Paranormal the circle represents the perfect shape, it never ends and can represent life and eternity. Many patterns in astronomy are ellipses instead of circle.

I would like to say that circles represent recycling, return to the same point, repeating something, living in symbiosis with the eco-system and so on.

Red could represent Earth in its current position; we are not living in symbiosis with nature. We are not considering the eco-system and the limited amount of resources, the decrease of temperature and other things that affect our lives. The white circle can mean dying Earth as Earth is today, from an African point of view white is the colour for grief. In Chinese history it was also considered a symbolic colour for grief. In Buddhism white is the colour of grief as well. In many Asian cultures death is related to white. Others consider white as pure and innocent.

We can let the red and white circle represent Earth crying out for help in different cultures. Earth is dying as we consume it right now. The world is unbalanced.

The oo as in the back. The oo also may represent glasses, like someone is looking from the back, bouncing two balls.

Gl are in the front and are blue and white. Blue is the colour that according to Wikipedia represents being quiet and calm, intellectual and aware. Blue is considered to have less negative effects in all cultures. It is often associated with deepness, loyalty, truth, sky and wisdom etcetera.

Blue is represented in all colours and you may find more facts on this blog if you search for blue and google doodle interpretation. Blue is represented in all larger religions, national symbols and so on.

The l is white and that colour I explained with the white circle. L is the 12 letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Number 12 is in numerology an elite number. Pure and innocent elite in front row. Also elite sorrow and death just behind the g in the front row of this Google doodle.

The Italian Lira has L as sign. The pound has the L as a symbol.

The hierarchy of the Google doodle letters are:


If we write it with the same spaces as prioritized in the image it turns into:

g l g e oo

G l g e is GLGE programming library at Wikipedia. IT is a JavaScript-library. JavaScript can be used to hack your computer, if you didn’t know.

Oo stands for object-oriented programming.

Also all the letters have shadows, like I wrote earlier, and shadows are explained at the glge.org homepage.

Only the letter gloo are bouncing the balls. If you write the letter from front to back in that order you get gloo. Gloo.us is a website for you who want to build your own digital platform.

Conscience? Perhaps, but this is what the google doodle leads us to. Perhaps there are more variants of the letters and more patterns to see, but try figuring them out yourself.

There are four bouncing balls. I haven’t analysed that. The background is turquoise, I haven’t analysed that so much, but in Iranian palaces it stands for heaven on Earth. Turquoise symbolises the respect for life. Turquoise is supposed to give health, healing, happiness and protection. The colour is the colour of December. The colour is common in domes in Iran, Russia and Central Asia. In another doodle earlier during this tournament there was a golden dome. You may search for it on the blog.

The figurines give the number 11112, due to how the letters are grouped. That is the executive order of arts in the USA. The order has the number 11112, interestingly enough. Conscience? Perhaps.

What kind of connection does the hat have to the countries playing the football game? I haven’t searched for that, feel free to do so.

So are Google giving the hats of for object-oriented programming, digital platforms and JavaScript? Are these the techniques used in the shadows and the bouncing balls (activities) are at the Java Scripting and object-oriented technical people in the world?

I do not know. Feel free to continue.

















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