The four-year-old girl with no face damaged by the American drone attacks

In todays Expressen I heard about the four-year-old Afghan girl with no face. She was injured when her families car was hit by an American drone attack. She was the sole survivor. In the American attack she lost her eyes, her face and her nose. When a Swedish reporter tried to follow it up, it was hard to get to see the girl, even though she had a statement from her caregivers, her extended family members, that she was allowed. With her she also had a message to the girl. The Swedish reporter established contact after weeks. During this time the Americans had moved the girl to USA for treatment. When the reporter wanted to meet her they said she didn’t have any living family left. However, since the reporter knew it wasn’t so, they got this information. Later on they changed their outlook on things. Why was it this difficult to find the girl and get to meet her the reporter wonders about. I also wonder about that. The reporter suggests that the Americans do not want the little girls face to be the face of civilian causualities.

See the movie. See her face. Tell the world. Is drone attacks worth civilian causualities? What do you think? So, when are you next?

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