Hartbleed ain’t the only bug in the system

Hackers and Crackers continue to break into systems. The first thing many companies do is to try and cut costs on quality assurance. Companies try to instead reach deadlines and darken the fact that the system ain’t tested enough. Far to often companies cut on the quality assurance part. Some even hire the unexperienced people, that do not have the silent knowledge that comes with experience. Hence the cheaper employee is cheaper, and less qualified. A novis needs to be tought by the experienced once. Seldom this is the case. Companies try to cut costs and in the end it is you, the customer, that will be the victim for the technologies bad quality. You. Just because some boss thought it was better that way. Products that are released before they are actually good enough happens in many companies, a majority of them I would say.

Well. So reading that Hartbleed has been used by NSA without letting SSL producers know about the security flaw just shows what goes first…in SVD.se doesn’t surprise me. The benefit of the people isn’t in focus, no spying on others goes first. What a cynical world view. What poor judgement. No consideration to people who want to keep their integrity, none at all. Bad USA. All over again. To many times. I am disappointed.

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