Arbetsförmedlingens nya aktivitetsrapporter – AF:s new activity reports

I have done my first report for Arbetsförmedlingens new activity report system. I have applied for more than double of the avarage amount of jobs others apply for according to statistics, according to my report. However I have replied to one more job, however I never want to report jobs I am in the process of being recruited, like been called for tests, interviews and such. I never tell were I am going to work. I always tell after I have worked. So I haven’t reported the one applied for and got called for testing at. I do not trust Arbetsförmedlingen. I do not want someone from Arbetsförmedlingen to call the employer before I have been there on a interview. They could actually ruin my chances of getting the job. I am not taking that risk. I usually do not say I am “unemployed” when I apply for jobs. I rather say I am a part-time-student, that is more attractive than being unemployed. I also say I am working as a temp. That is also more attractive. It shows I do something and not just sit at home and do nothing. That wouldn’t be true, me doing nothing at home. I think I work full-time at home as well. I have a lot of stuff going on and I feel busy all the time. Applying for jobs takes time to. Afterall, I go to interviews, make phone calls, look for jobs in papers and online and apply for jobs suitable. That alone takes time. As a unemployed I think I am always looking for a job.

I am glad a-kassan has granted me part-time-studies and it is enjoyable to go to the university each week. Even though I do not like exams, it does feel good afterwards. It also gives me a schedule to keep. When I have nothing I get depressed pretty easy. I work much better when I have something to do. When I have something to look forward to.

I have gotten a cold again. My throat hurt during the night. I couldn’t swallow without pain. I had to get up and drink so ease the pain. I also took a Vicks Blue to ease the pain. Today I have eaten garlic on my bread for breakfast. Garlic works. I also have medicated with Kan Jang. I do not want a cold. I do not know if it is a real cold or an allergic reaction. I have finally been fixing a door I couldn’t close at home. Five years ago we lay a new floor and the work men did not put a list were the old floor meets the new one, since they didn’t they didn’t know the door wouldn’t be able to close when a list would be added. However when I added the list the door wasn’t closable without force anymore. We have lived with that for all those years. I had no tool to fix it with. However this summer, when fixing the work room I finally bought the tools for that. Yesterday I finally fixed the door. I am happy that I finally can close the door. Imagine how many years people can accept not being able to use things as they should be used.

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