Zzzzzzz….. tired

I have been really tired today after work. Now wonder, the day was actually very stressful for about 8/9 parts of the day. I just feel asleep upon arrival. However the plants want water. So I have no time to rest anymore, even though I could as well go to sleep early today.

Some idiot had cut three branches and placed in our mailbox today. What a waste of branches from the flower bush. Someone is indeed an idiot. If it is someone that wants to be a phsyco then I just say they are. If someone is trying to court someone in our household, then the person can stop right now and have a life with out my family members involvd. Someone who doesn’t dare to court with a name and bought or legally apprehanded flowers and not stolen flowers, like in this case, is just a unintelligent being. I just threw the flowers in the bushes and went inside. Piss off you phsyco. Me and my partner are taken and our kid is to small for any creepy courting, perhaps it is a creepy pedofile? How can I know? If it is a child courting our child, then this kid should stop it now. No other kids with courting ideas are wanted. Nor phycotic neighbours. Just saying. Leave my house alone.

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