Pakistanian company poisoned rice shipped to Sweden

Are some Pakistanis trying to poison Swedish animals and people? According to Rapport 18.00 today a shipment off Rice from Pakistan contained poison that can make people sick with cancer. The levels of poison were about eight times higher than allowed. The poisoned food was given to cows and therefore Swedish milk got poisoned. Authorities in Sweden have stopped the rest of the shipment of rice from Pakistan from reaching people.

Some milk got sold, but contained very low levels of the poison since they always mix milk shipments from other farms. That is good to know.

I am worried about our food program. Vendors do not seem to make analysis on shipments. I am thinking, why do we even import seeds from Asia? Afterall they have problems with poison in soil and other regulations for what is allowed in food. I think that we shouldn’t import in blind. We shouldn’t just trust countries far away really care about us Swedes. We should always make tests on shipments. This clearly shows we cannot trust companies.


Rapport 20130430 18.00,


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