Kronofogden in Sweden make up their own laws

Kronofogden in Sweden is repo-organisation for the Swedish IRS so to speak. According to a man that drove to fast on E18 was stopped and got a ticket at 2400 SEK. However when he was stopped the police said Kronofogden wanted to speak to him about a debt for 64 000 SEK. Well, the article continues and Kronofogden thought that the car he was driving should be repo:d. Remind the fact that the car belonged to his employer and not the person with the debt, in this case the driver. The Swedish Kronofodge considered the driver to be the main user of the car and said they could take the car. I am just saying what the fuck? So if a truck driver has a debt and is stopped by the police for speeding, then the truck (that the man usually drives everyday and is the main user of) could be repo:d???? Can you all understand how stupid this sounds?

Of course a person can have a company car, that is the property of the company and not the person itself. If Kronofogden are making up their own rules, then we are having a problem in the Swedish legal system. So if I lend out my car to my friend the car can be repo:d if the friend is in debt at Kronofogdemyndigheten? What kind of legal system is that?

I think something seems really fucked up here. I own my car. I am allowed to fucking lend it to whoever I want! Even people in debt. They might be the ones that in fact NEED to lend a car, since they are in debt… just saying.

Also, what kind of society are we bringing forward if Kronofogden can possess company cars? This means that employers cannot afford to employ people that have debt that has gone to Kronofogden. Is this one reason behind why companies are making economic investigations of people before employing? Let’s say you are a photographer at SVT. You are doing work for SVT, then for some reason you are stopped by the police and checked out. Then they say that you have a debt and they repo the camera equipment you have. If it is legally possible to steal SVT equipment for Kronofogden, then I think that this legal system is working against people in economic crises. It is inhumane and crazy, since it means that no employer can afford to employ anyone with debt since everything the person has in their possession can be repossessed by Kronofogden. Crazy. Swedish legal system is then very much fucked up.

Like I am saying I believe the Alliance hates poor people and want to make them starve. Slaves to the state. They want people to be totally unemployed, living in poverty and debt, desperate for a job for no money.

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