Döden kommer till alla – Death comes to us all

One day death stands nocking on your door. Birth, Life and Death are all parts of life. Natural events so to speak.

I am thinking should I, or should I not? I have the option of attending a funeral. But that day I would have to bring along my child and I do not think a funeral is suiting for a wild one. Well, I am going to perhaps get a baby sitter. But then again… it is bugging to travel with a child. So I was thinking of perhaps just sending flowers. I browsed through the flower arrangements. I wanted one… that was shaped as a heart, it was very suiting for Valentine like today. However the funeral is later on.

I however thought of that flower arrangement as to expensive. My parents always buy a big arrangement… but this time they are not attending. I like red roses, I also like multicoloured arrangements. I do not know which to choose. If I would attend I could make my own. Hmm… So I have something to think about.

This article had a link to youtu.be/Kic1nMkuX2M originally, a song about memories of people, but YouTube no longer had the song three years later. Den här artikeln hade en låt av Favorit – den heter Ett Minne, men jag hittar inte längre låten på YouTube.



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