Generation Y

Hahaha. This guy is furious at his countries majority of generation Y. He says that participating is not enough, you actually got to do something. He says that just showing up for work, trying to fulfill yourself isn’t enough.

I can agree with that you have to take a stand and always try your best on whatever you are doing, however my view is that EVERY generation needs to do that. I have tried to get my sibling to take a stand, of course one of generation Y. It took some time but finally something is happening. Haha. Well.

If I look at people from the generations born in the 80’s that I have met over the years they happen to be overall more slowed down in majority. They have actually grown up now and are adults. Some have jobs, others have never worked and some have finally gone to university. Then there is, like the man says in the film, those that are smarter than others and are stunning and create new companies.

Well, my critic is that there are lazy people in each generation. I am generation X and I am raising generation Z. I also have the power to influence generation Z, other than my kid, and probably you can guess I take every opportunity to make them think. I want them to find many sources, just as if they where in the university, no matter how young. I am already teaching mine the alphabet and counting. I have even started to make it understand counting and logic. It isn’t easy teaching a super young kid, but they have rapid brains, so they do grasp it pretty fast. However, they forget fast to… as you know, not many of us remember our childhood’s before 5, and those that do only remember a few things.

Generation Y had Internet from their teens, of course dependent on when they were born. We (X generation) didn’t have Internet, but we did have Heta Linjen (Hot line). There we were connected into group conversations. Each city had a number, provided by Televerket. It only cost a local call. We didn’t have Facebook, nor did we need. We had phones. Regular phones, we called each other. We had TV, not everyone in earlier generations had that. We also had cars, electricity, running hot and cold water, good standards on apartments and a lot more. The stores had alarms, just like today. We had computers, at least at school. They were not so fancy like today, but we could play video games and such. In the beginning only in two colours, but then later on Atari and Commodore 64 etcetera introduced colours into our world. Still no Internet. But then later on, when I was in high school, Internet came, at least in schools.

I used the computers in school from my teens, but didn’t have other than a video game at home, at least for a while. We had gameboys and such. So computers where very much a part of my life, even though I am generation X. You didn’t have to own one, there was always someone among friends that had one.

In school I however had the really old generation of teachers, those that were allowed to hit children during their education. However they continued hitting us children until they retired. I was abused by my teacher for some of the years. However switching schools and getting younger teachers that never happened again.

Schools and how to teach changed a lot during those years for us in generation X. The community experimented with us and created new school systems and ways of teaching. I actually think that those types of projects I ended up in thought us responsiblity and structure. We had to plan, take action and create. If we didn’t our grades would be after that. This system was good for those that could, however pre Y generation tendencies were already showing in some of us in generation X. For those the need to take responsibility for their own education only ended up in them really not getting any. There wasn’t much support for those that didn’t care about school. They got bad grades, if any. They often started working directly after junior high. In those days they could. So many 15 year olds still could get jobs in those days. Today they most likely cannot is my guess, unless they know someone who can make it possible.

Well, many of my generation hasn’t even gone to high school. But they have worked all these years, so I am guessing they are coping just fine. Others have gotten an education sooner or later. There were still those in my generation that still haven’t worked in a real job, living on welfare assistance. Yes, here in Sweden. Some are like that, just like the man says in the video. However they are generation X to. But in generation Y most of those that I know would take a job, if offered one. However those I have seen have been missing the “djävlar anamma”-gene. That gene is “take action”-gene and “do something now”-gene. Many of the Y want jobs, but are lacking the “do”-power somehow. I mean, applying for i.e. 2 jobs in one month is not enough. I am more “djävlar anamma”-power so to speak, nowhere comparable with “non happening”-people. I take action so to speak.

I am guessing this man, in this YouTube-video wants everyone in generation Y to take action (those that haven’t). I am saying everyone should take action, no matter how old or young. All generations. There are coach potatoes in all generations. Not doing anything is still doing, just not the noble thing. Just saying.


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