Yttrandefrihet godtyckligt för Pingverktyg i Sverige

In Sweden we have freedom of speech. However private run website that have publishing permits still censor links to other users on the Internet. Some tools for pinging websites like blogs often enough block and hinder users from increasing traffic to their websites.

They say even on their homepage that they can do it if users have to odd values or if they ping more than allowed. I can understand that you are only allowed to ping when you have made a new article. But not letting them ping their blog because of values is just wrong.

In Sweden there is freedom of expression, as long as you keep within the laws. Therefore it is overall wrong to block users that want to exercise their right and use their democratic right to give their values on their blogs. It is overall wrong not letting people have another opinion than what these website owners think is the right value.

Some users have even gotten hacked after being blocked on sites. I wonder how this is? Does the ping websites give out the IP-addresses to the pinged blogs? I am just wondering how come.

Are those websites hacked? Who knows? I would like to know.

Censoring reality for some. Copyright
Censoring reality for some. Copyright

There are sites on Internet that engage themselves in both blocking and censoring users. Some of such sites are run by a man, according to the domain organisation. Some of those sites that I know censor democratic freedom are:

I happen to think censoring of opinions within the laws limits is a violation of democratic freedom.

The blocked users on these sites cannot even enter the sites. It is like censoring in China, but by private persons. I can understand a function that makes people not being able to ping, but restricting the users from seeing other content on the site, when they are open otherwise to the public is just wrong. Overall wrong. If they where sites that only where ment for registered users with a login feature it would be different. But in this case it is not. They consider them a “blog portal” that gives news about topics on blogs. They call themselves a portal. But they are not, if they only give one perspective of the world and not all users perspective.

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