Questionnaire about Swedish A-kassa

This is a article written by me, it is not an aritcle about me or my life, it is just an article, a information article, for those that want to know the facts. For an updated amount of numbers, see further down.

I see many ending up on my blog due to questions about a-kassa. I will now give you some rules for how much you make on a-kassa(a-kassa=unemployment insurance).

Maximum that you can get per day is: 680kr/day. This is the high income rate for A-kassa. However many people do not get this amount. This is for those that have an income above 23 000sek/month in Sweden.

You get 5 days/week. So you take 680×5=3400 SEK per week is the income before taxes. The taxes are different all over the country. A normal rate is 32% tax. Unemployed get no tax reduction like workers do, so you have to pay the highest tax for your income.

So after tax with 32% tax you get 2312 SEK per week.

A-kassa is mostly paid every two weeks. So you get 4624 SEK every two weeks. In fact you only get 4 weeks per month. You always “lack” 2 days payment each month. During one month you can only get 2 payments. So in reality you get 2x4624kr/month. This means you get maximum 9248SEK from the Swedish a-kassa-system each month. If you could get the two days missing each month (you get it the missing days every fifth month) you should get 14960SEK before taxes as maximum a-kassa. That is 10172,8SEK after taxes. But you never get that missing 1000 SEK within each month. Sorry. This is how the system works.

Need I to remember? This is the highest a-kassa (unemployment insurance) in Sweden. You cannot get this if your working income isn’t over 23000SEK/month. So if you earn less than that you get 80% first. Then it is lowered to 70% and then lowered once again to 65% of previous income. Need I to remind you this is BEFORE taxes. Deduct that amount with taxes to.

This is how the system works. I get no 80%, nor 70 or 65%, I do not even get 50%. I do not even get 40%. You get it, don’t you? I work in the high income segment when I have longer temp jobs. However being a regular temp… I earn less. Now you can understand why I do not want to lower my a-kassa. But when I work, even if I do not earn very much more than a-kassa I get “job tax reduction”. That means I earn at least 1000 SEK more per month. And then add the fact that the job is higher paid than a-kassa. By working temp jobs I save days, I earn more money. But if I work more than 6 months I lower my health insurance and child leave insurance. If I work less than 6 months they do not count in that I have even worked there. So be sure to never work 6 months in a lower paid job. Switch before you reach 6 months.

However your a-kassa will be lowered by each penny you make on the lower income. However if you usually make 30 000 SEK and then work for 20000 SEK for 5 months, they are grouped together. And if both of the jobs where 5 months then your income for a-kassa will be 25 000SEK, that means you have reached the limit and you will get 680SEK/month.

When you go from job to job as a temp you need to think about this. If you do not, you may reach extreme poverty fast. A-kassa you only get for a limited period – 300 days. You need to qualify to a-kassa in order to get a-kassa. Usually you need 6 months full-time within a year to qualify. The rules around that are complex, contact your a-kassa. You can work parts of months and so, but you have to work a certain amount of hours in order to count the months into the unemployment insurance.

You cannot get a-kassa if you haven’t been a member for 12 months, some a-kassor may have other rules, you got to check them out.

Women thinking of money painted by Kvinna som tänker på pengar. Tecknad av
Women thinking of money painted by Kvinna som tänker på pengar. Tecknad av

You always start a-kasse-periods with no unemployment insurance for the first week and two days (7 working days). You cannot quit your own job to apply these rules. These rules are only for people not offered full-time jobs. Those that quit their jobs… they do not have the same conditions as mentioned in this article.

Okey, I hope you are somewhat enlightened by the rules now.

If you come to Sweden on a work VISA you cannot get any a-kassa, if you loose your job you also loose your work permit and have to go back to your homecountry. If you want to get back to Sweden you need to find a job and apply for work permit again. I have another article that explains how you get work permit, click here to go to that article.

Update (20160120):

The rules have changed since 2013. The income for the unemployed is now better for those with a higher income.

The income limit has changed to 25 025 SEK/month. This is the highest income limit. Until that limit you get 80% of your previous income. For one year of work they count how much you make per month in avarage. That income you get 80% of. That is about 14500 SEK after taxes per month, according to Unionen. The income period from a-kassa is still 300 days. You can get a maximum of five days per week, if you are totally unemployed. Otherwise you can stamp up to 100%, they deduct your working hours.

You can apply to study 20 full weeks on 50% pace with a-kassa, the weeks you don’t stamp up are not counted as a-kassa-weeks. If you decide to study, you can earn what you like without lowering your insurances. Study time on studies is a time in “limbo”, that doesn’t affect your insurances, as long as you get the student founds. They protect your income.

If you have the highest income before unemployment you get a maximum of 910 SEK per day before taxes the first 100 days. After that maximum 760 SEK per day before taxes, according to AEA. The first 7 days you don’t get any unemployment insurance. That is called “Karens”.

Unfortunately the 75-day rule for stamping up a part-time job is still 75-days. After that you have to stop working if you need a-kassa, otherwise you have to continue working without a-kassa the weeks that you work part-time.

The rule is that you have been a member for 12 months prior to your unemployment for the above rules. If you haven’t, then the income is maximum 365SEK/day, maximum five days a week. Note, it depends on your income how much you get.

At AEA you can use a counter to see how much you can get from a-kassa, if you are unemployed and a member.

Common rules are the same, but check your own a-kassa to be certain what rules apply to you.

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